Gregory Mayflower’s

May, 2016

Once again, we started the month with weird weather. May had both seriously below and way above average temperatures and lots of rain. The last part might even have been beneficial, as things were getting pretty dry, but the high winds and tornado warnings were definitely not welcome.

Got the boat pretty much ready to go, but as always there is something to do, even if it is cosmetic in nature.

Thanks to the lousy weather, had more indoor time to work on the latest book.

It is a bit of a departure from my previous three and is quite erotic in nature, so stand by…


April, 2016

The month started with a totally unseasonable 80F day,  and the next 24 hours brought a strong cold front, along with very gusty winds and even a freeze warning.

Yes, the weather has changed rather drastically as of late. If it isn’t climate change, what would you like to call it instead?

At least I have managed to nearly get my catboat ready for the season. The sail is bent onto the boom and the gaff. The motor is attached and it runs fine. It needs just a few tweaks to the sail, which being of the 19th century persuasion, has to be fastened to hoops on the mast with traditional, tarred marline and tied off nicely.

Otherwise, with a little scrubbing and possible waxing and of course, if I have the time – varnishing the teak brightwork, the boat will be ready to go and take me to new adventures. Frankly, I can’t wait.

The fourth book is a bit past my self-imposed schedule, but it looks good. It is a sexy story, which I hope many of you will enjoy. It is developing into a fairly complicated and a bit unexpected (even by me) direction, but that is why we all have been blessed with an imagination. Correct?




March, 2016

After the late January “Snowzilla” in the Mid-Atlantic, February has been a mixture of cold, windy weather and 60+F, sunny days.

The beginning of March is not much different, after a spring –like beginning, the temperatures dropped, the winds picked up big-time and there is even talk of some more snow.

In any case, I believe that it is high time to make the pilgrimage to the Chesapeake Bay, where my catboat is moored and check and clean everything.

The motor, presently residing in my basement on a wheeled stand, will be attached to the transom bracket and double-checked. There will be the usual copious amounts of washing and scrubbing and most likely sanding and oiling the teak as well. I might even consider varnishing, although I actually prefer the natural, but less durable look and feel of oiled wood.

You might think that writing has taken a back seat to all the other activities, but that is not the case. While writing the romantic adventure which will be published next, I got an interesting idea for a plot of the fourth book in the Craig Hobart’s adventure series, so stay tuned!


February, 2016

The end of January brought nearly record snow to the Mid Atlantic. It was pretty and sort of fun, but of course, it required lots and lots of shoveling.

The boat is fine, being moored close above an operating “ice eater” device, which creates a circle of water in the ice, by moving warmer water from the bottom, to the frozen surface.

The cross country skis are also fine as well. They really help to appreciate the beauty of the sport and of winter in general.

But, “He’s been talking about the snow and his boat, but what about the book?” Some might say.

Don’t you worry. As I said earlier, the latest – still untitled – book will be longer than planned. Not a novella, but a full-fledged novel, so as you might expect, it is taking a bit longer.

Windows 10 is working reasonably well. At the very least, I haven’t lost any work yet, so stay tuned!

January, 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

I bet that a lot of you have a bunch of new resolutions. Others, like myself are simply trying to stick with the old, proven ones.

Which are those? You ask.

No big mystery here.

Many of us want to be healthy, want to do as much good as possible, to create beautiful things and of course to be happy, at least some of the time.

Not a bad set of wishes and resolutions. Wouldn’t you say?


December, 2015

Since we already had some below freezing temperatures at night and since it is after all December, the boat got moved to the other (deeper) side of the dock, the motor and the sails were removed. It is now for all intents and purposes – winterized.

There is as usual some work to be done, but nothing major. My catboat seems to be in fine shape.

Meanwhile, the fourth book is progressing. Haven’t decided yet, whether it will be a full novel, or a shorter novella, but considering how the plot is developing, it will probably be a full novel and if that is be the case, it is now about half-way written.

This, as I told you earlier is a bit of a departure from the previous three books in the Craig Hobart Adventures series. It is a romance, with some pretty sexy scenes. Enjoyable to write and hopefully enjoyable to read as well.

At the same time, the fourth installment of the Craig Hobart Adventures is slowly taking shape in my head.

Take care and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


November, 2015

The weather, at least on the East Coast has been quite amazing this fall. Even in November the temperatures are seldom getting below 60 degrees Fahrenheit and have even reached close to 80.

That of course means that I have been spending as much time as I can on and around my boat.

No complaints there, although I also enjoy nice winters, with plenty of snow and skiing, both downhill and cross country.

The new book is progressing slower than it probably would if the weather was nasty, but it is definitely coming along.

I will not reveal the plot as yet, but it is a much sexier one than the previous three stories and Craig Hobart is not the main protagonist. After all, he is our action hero and intelligence superstar. Right?

I know that I am having fun writing it, also in the hope that you – my readers will enjoy it even more.

All the best


October, 2015

After an unusually long stretch of absolutely beautiful weather in the Mid-Atlantic region, Hurricane Joaquin pointed in our direction, making every boat and homeowner in the area scramble to secure everything.

Fortunately, Joaquin decided to turn east and fizzled out in the middle of the Atlantic, but not before causing some damage in the Bahamas. Almost concurrently a sizable Northeaster hit the right coast, with high tides, days of rain and impressive surf.

We certainly could have used the rain, as we don’t want to end up as dried up as California, but it was touch and go for a while.

Rainy weather in most cases makes many of us stay indoors and write. I am no different. The U-boat Affair has been expanded and republished on the first day of October. In fact, all three of my books: The Rwanda Mission, The U-boat Affair and Boxed Aegis are available now in expanded versions. All contain one-chapter samples of the other books as well.

As far as the fourth book is concerned, it is about half way finished now and some ideas for another installment of Craig Hobart’s Adventures are germinating in my mind.

Don’t worry, be happy


September, 2015

According to scientific data, the summer of 2015, or at the very least the month of July have been the hottest on record. It has also been extremely dry in most places.

We can be thankful that here, on the East Coast of the U.S., our water and wildfire situation is far better than the problems which they are having on the Left Coast.

From a strictly personal standpoint, the weather has been rather beautiful in the Mid –Atlantic region. It has been hot and sunny, with little (really not enough) rain, but great beach and boating conditions.

The fact that my fourth book has not been published as yet, can be at least partly blamed on the fact that I much prefer to be on the water on a beautiful day, than locked in some (usually) indoor place, along with a computer.

I assure you though that the fourth (sexy) book is coming along, albeit slower that it probably should. I am also adding some extra content to “The U-boat Affair”, the second book of the Craig Hobart Adventures series. The additions are relatively minor and the revised version will be published very soon.

As I am working on the two above –mentioned books, some ideas about the fourth chapter of Craig Hobart’s Adventures are slowly germinating in my mind, so stay tuned folks!

Be well


August, 2015

The hot weather is continuing into August. The too brief stretches of dry weather make it palatable. At least there is something to look forward to.

Being out on the water, especially with a nice breeze, is much nicer than baking among the concrete and asphalt of the city.

I am so glad to have that option as well.

The fourth book is moving along. It is a different, and shall I say more sexy story than the Craig Hobart Adventures.

I’m holding off for bit, before installing Windows 10 on my pet laptop.

Might as well give Microsoft a chance to fix at least some of the major bugs.

There are also a great many security settings, which would be worthwhile adjusting, if one values privacy.

Not sure if I want to enable Cortana, and I am not a great fan of Siri, either.

I know that a lot of you love Siri, so I don’t want to criticize her too much, but, as always: to each his own.

Take care and enjoy life!

July, 2015

Spent three weeks in Europe, vacationing and doing some sailing as well in Poland’s Masurian lake region.

This is quite a place, with dozens of interconnected lakes, canals and locks. Thousands of boats, mostly sail were practically everywhere.

Spent some time gathering additional material for an upcoming book as well.

The weather cooperated most of the time and it was a great and productive trip overall.

Now it is time to visit, work on and sail my own catboat on the Chesapeake Bay.

Don’t worry. The writing is coming along as well and another book should be coming out before the end of the year.

Sail on!

June, 2015

First of all: the cat boat has been fully commissioned and sailed across the Chesapeake Bay from the eastern, to the western shore.

It has proven to be quite fast and relatively easy to sail.

It is also pretty, getting all kinds of compliments along the way.

Halle is not quite perfect as yet. Although all of the essential work has been done, it still needs some cosmetic touches and relatively minor improvements.

As far as writing is concerned – hope you’re not holding it against me, for putting it in second place – the next book is coming along.

May, 2015

Considering the fact that the new/old catboat requires quite a bit of tender loving care, since the previous owner/owners have managed to neglect it, I am spending less time writing as of late.

Don’t worry, the idea for the fourth installment of Craig Hobart’s adventures is already germinating in my mind. At the same time, a completely new and different book is about half way finished.

A bit of a departure from the previous ones: more sensual, but also with a good deal of action. I hope you will enjoy it.

April, 2015

As promised, I am presenting my new boat. She is Halle, a 1993 Menger Cat 19. A great, modernized interpretation of a 19th century New England workboat.

She will need a bit of elbow grease, but is sound and very pretty.

Judge for yourself:Halle1

March, 2015

Three books are on Amazon now. The fourth one, a romantic story, with some action thrown in, just to make things more exciting for the guys, is proceeding along nicely.

Despite recommendations from every angle and continent, I have resisted getting a MacBook. I have tried them, but the Apple operating system doesn’t seem to agree with me. To each his own, I guess.

Windows 8.1 did not strike my fancy at first either, but the laptop, which I got at the beginning of January has it and after a few hours of tweaking, it is now quite palatable.

Can’t wait for Windows 10. Hopefully Microsoft will get things right this time.

The boat hunt goes on. Have at least two nice ones in my sights.

Will let you know more about it when I get it, and will be sure to post some photos as well.

Be good, be happy and take care


February, 2015

 Boxed Aegis was published at the end of January.

A prototype Aegis Combat System device is stolen by a former KGB operative – an incredibly slippery and tricky individual.

Since Craig has met the man socially some years earlier, he is sent to Italy by the Office of Naval Intelligence to recover the device.

His search, punctuated by several firefights with FSB (former KGB) takes him, along with a group of Navy SEALs and CIA agents from Florence, to Sienna, to Predappio – Mussolini’s birthplace and burial site, to the U.S. naval base at Gaeta and into the Mediterranean aboard a small sailboat.

I have written and published three installments of Craig Hobart Adventures so far – The Rwanda Mission, The U-boat Affair and Boxed Aegis. More are on the way.

The fourth book is flowing along nicely. It is a bit of a departure from the previous three. A romantic story – my first. When it is out, I would love to hear your opinions.

As far as the boat is concerned, I am seriously considering one at this moment. Will keep you updated and will also post some photos, if I get it of course.

Although I do enjoy snow and love skiing, the cold does get in the way of sailing a bit and frankly, I would not mind seeing the spring in our area.

Take care


January, 2015

This January started the way it is supposed to, or is it? Cold, more cold and some snow as well.

I am still looking for that dream sailboat. Hopefully, will find it before the spring thaw comes around.

I clearly remember how last winter’s repeated freezes had me going to the marina over and over, to check out on the previous boat, which although winterized, was sitting in the solidly frozen, brackish waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

Boxed Aegis is published.

A prototype Aegis Combat System device gets stolen by a former KGB operative – an incredibly slippery and tricky individual.

Since Craig has met the man socially some years earlier, he is sent to Italy by the Office of Naval Intelligence to recover the device.

His search, punctuated by several firefights with FSB (former KGB) takes him, along with a group of Navy SEALs and CIA agents from Florence, to Sienna, to Predappio – Mussolini’s birthplace and burial site, to the U.S. naval base at Gaeta and into the Mediterranean aboard a small sailboat.

Take an action –packed trip through some of the finest locales that Italy has to offer.

December, 2014

First of all, some slightly surprising news: I have sold my 30-foot Dufour Arpege sloop at the end of November.

Don’t worry. I am not giving up on sailing at all. Have simply decided that I wanted a smaller boat – probably in the 20+ foot range, so it will be easier to single hand.

I am considering several models, including the great, little, 20 – foot Flicka – a superbly capable cruiser, many of which have circumnavigated the globe.

When I find it, you, my readers will be among the first to find out about it.

The third book is nearing completion. It should be available on Amazon before the end of the year.

If you have read ‘The Rwanda Mission’ and/or ‘The U – boat Affair’, I can promise you that this installment of Craig Hobart’s Adventures is even more exciting and packed with action than the previous books.

In the meantime, all the very best for the Holidays and a very, very happy New Year to all!

November, 2014

As expected, November started on a wintry note. Frost at night, much colder during the day and windy as well.

It was high time to winterize the boat. The engine got flushed. Two kinds of antifreeze were added to both the fresh and raw water cooling systems. Oil got changed. The water bladder got emptied and a gallon of non – toxic antifreeze was added and pumped through the system. The mooring lines got doubled. Might still remove the sails, but that is not nearly as urgent as the engine and water system preparations.

The third installment of Craig Hobart’s Adventures is progressing. Maybe not as quickly as I would like it to, but it is definitely very close to completion.

Can’t wait to publish it and hear what you think of it.

There’s no getting away from the fact that as a writer, I am necessarily a bit biased, but it really and I mean really seems like an exciting and enjoyable read.

Halloween is already behind us, but Thanksgiving, that most family – oriented holiday is approaching.

All the very best to all of you and your family and friends.

Once again, don’t hesitate to write. I strive to answer as many emails as I can.


October, 2014

Fall is upon us. The weather in the Mid-Atlantic is cooperating nicely and I’ve been able to enjoy sailing on the Chesapeake Bay at least two, or three times per month. Wish it was much more often.

I realize of course that the inevitable cold weather is bound to get here soon, which of course means that one of these weeks the boat – and that includes the engine, the water system and other components – will have to be winterized.

I have stocked up on the non-toxic antifreeze and several gallon jugs of the stuff are sitting inside the cabin locker, waiting for their turn.

It’s never a pleasant task to winterize a boat. It not only requires some rather dirty and not very pleasant work, but effectively removes the boat from circulation, until spring and warmer weather.

The winter has its own charm as well. I always hope for enough snow to be able to cross country ski. The Snowmageddon was awesome in that regard, then two, or three years of practically no snow, with a couple of decent snowstorms last winter. Let’s hope for some snow this time around.

Meanwhile, the third book in the Craig Hobart Adventures series is coming along. I must admit that with sailing, working on the boat and other inevitable chores, I have sort of fallen behind a little bit.

I promise, though that it is very close to completion and unless I procrastinate too much, should be ready for editing in a matter of weeks.

As I mentioned in my previous post, in this installment Craig is sent to Italy, in pursuit of a former KGB/FSB agent, who has stolen certain U.S. military secrets.

The action is not only intense, but it takes place in such iconic places as Florence, Siena and Mussolini’s birthplace – Predappio, among others.

I hope that all of you will enjoy it, when it is published before the end of the year, at least as much as I enjoyed putting Craig in some really tough spots

Take care and don’t hesitate to write. Greg

September, 2014

First of all, welcome to my blog. Hope that you are enjoying my books at least as much as I enjoy writing them. I know that this is a bit of a trivial statement, but it just happens to be true.

Although I have been writing a great many things, including articles, reports, letters, shopping lists and books over the years, I have never (until now, that is) written a series of fiction books.

The idea of creating an interesting and even a somewhat heroic character and actually writing a series of books about his, or her adventures has been in the back of my mind for some time.

The day when I physically started The Rwanda Mission was almost exactly the 20th anniversary of the start of the Rwanda genocide – a terrible, sad and shocking event, where much could have been done to help, where but almost nobody has done anything. The least I could do was to “send” my newly – created character, Craig Hobart on a desperate, solo attempt to at least try to save some of the people being at that very moment massacred in beautiful, hilly Rwanda. It is of course a work of fiction, but it fairly closely follows actual events.

The next book was The U-boat Affair. It takes place in a region, which is well – known to me, namely the great Chesapeake Bay. It switches between the present day discovery and exploration of the German sub and events, which led it into the Bay at the beginning of 1945, when WWII was coming to the end. It also takes us to Argentina in 1945 and the post – war and present – time United States.

Once again, it is a work of fiction, but the region where the action takes place certainly exists. It also extends into partly fictionalized, but very real events, which have led the U.S. into the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The third book in the Craig Hobart Adventures series is in the works at the moment. It should be finished quite soon.

All I can tell you about it at this point is that the action is taking place in some of the most fascinating and beautiful parts of Italy and that the Russian FSB (the former KGB) is heavily involved.

That’s it for the first post. Another one is on the way.

Once again, enjoy the books and don’t hesitate to write. I will personally answer as many emails as I can.