Gregory Mayflower

Author of Craig Hobart Adventures series and other books

The main protagonist of Gregory Mayflower’s book series is Craig Hobart, a former Navy SEAL,  scholar, sailor and sometime intelligence operative.

From the U.S., to Rwanda, Europe, South America and other places and countries, Craig, often with his girlfriend Cathy,  gets to do things that most of us could only dream about. Thanks to his high – level contacts and acquaintances, he also is able to bring some impressive resources into play.


Boxed_Aegis_cover_smBoxed Aegis now in an enhanced and expanded edition is published and available on Amazon.

A prototype Aegis Combat System device is stolen by a former KGB operative – an incredibly slippery and tricky individual.

Since Craig has met the man socially some years earlier, he is sent to Italy by the Office of Naval Intelligence to recover the device.

His search, punctuated by several firefights with FSB (former KGB) takes him, along with a group of Navy SEALs and CIA agents from Florence, to Siena, to Predappio – Mussolini’s birthplace and burial site, to the U.S. naval base at Gaeta and into the Mediterranean aboard a small sailboat.

Take an action –packed trip through some of the finest locales that Italy has to offer.

The_Rwanda_Mission_cover2_smThe Rwanda Mission  is now available on Amazon. On this risky mission Craig tries to save as many people as he can all on his own, during the Rwandan genocide of 1994.

Despite a supremely deadly environment, with the unexpected assistance of some CIA assets he manages to fulfill his mission better than he could possibly hope for.

Over 600 Tutsis get transported to Uganda. Rwandan gold and museum artifacts make it to Tanzania.

The_U_boat_Affair_cover2_smThe U – boat Affair is on Amazon now. The chance discovery of a German U – boat, close to a small island on the Chesapeake Bay leads to a series of exciting events: the exploration of the wreck, which as it turns out had an interesting history in the waning days of WWII, the escape of the German crew from U.S. waters, along with the internment in Argentina of another U-boat crew.

The German sailors get involved with a shadowy organization in Argentina, which decades later became instrumental in influencing  American politics and policies.

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